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in the year 2011 - 17 January 2011
2009: still no robot servants, flying cars, or trips to the Moon. it's a brave new world, i tell ya. - 29 June 2009
thinking about this - 26 August 2008
ainsi il va - 16 February 2008
Monterey Rocks - 29 August 2007
the run in - 29 March 2007
breathe in, breathe out... - 04 February 2007
Sisyphus should take a hint from Spoonbender, and so should I... - 06 October 2006
something completely new - 02 July 2006
several items of note, notable only because i've noted them - 26Oct2005
away = a way? - 21Oct2005
"water under the bridge, wind through the chimes" - 08August2005
five insects - 22July2005
the light of this day - 10July2005
a few things - 07 July 2005
twist your head around - 02July2005
a fistful of pixels - 20June2005
some things - 07June2005
even more words... - 02June2005
some more words - 01June2005
flashcrashboom - 11May2005
if my life were a novel, would anyone make it past page two? - 09May2005
holey wrist, batman! - 04May2005
where we cross the line - 27Apr2005
my favorite week of spring - 25 April 2005
drop it like it's hot - 22Apr2005
oh be a fine girl, kiss me - 16Apr2005
let's talk about things that matter very little - 11Apr2005
nothing last forever - 03Apr2005
...around on a piece of ground in your hometown... - 30Mar2005
bargain matinee, screen 11, 4:20pm... - 28Mar2005
and now, now, the time is now... - 17Mar2005
flattened cobwebs, sprinkled with sawdust, clinging to some dirty corner - 13Mar2005
floridaaaaahh! - 23Feb2005
a little bit rumi - 01Feb2005
yinz guyz needs ta chill aht, leave dat dere big ben alone - 25Jan2005
cellular disconnexia - 21Jan2005
cross country sledding - 19Jan2005
hi-def stillers action - 15Jan2005
don't bother reading this, i don't even know why i posted it. or anything else here, for that matter... - 12Jan2005
the straw that broke - 07Jan2005
new years eve - 31Dec2004
the flame imperishable - 26Dec2004
skizzy to the blizzow - 19Dec2004
No one has said what the truth should be - 19Dec2004
snow - 14Dec2004
the story continues, but this time it's guided by... - 13Dec2004
rest in peace - 08Dec2004
triquotational mantrafication - 05Dec2004
lessons learned - 05Dec2004
my back hurts, talented masseuse wanted - 03Dec2004
the answer my friend... - 01Dec2004
i feel the feeling i forgot - 28Nov2004
he's not MY president - 20Nov2004
delta vee - 16Nov2004
the ides of november - 15Nov2004
the ides of november - 15Nov2004
not entirely accurate - 08Nov2004
back to the front of the back of the front to the back - 01Nov2004
hello from virginia - 30Oct2004
yet another new leaf - 27Oct2004
i give up - 26Oct2004
cuddling deprived - 23Oct2004
tied eyed - 22Oct2004
outside the wall? - 22Oct2004
some other beginning's end - 20Oct2004
railroaded aviators - 18Oct2004
dealing with deuces - 15Oct2004
change - 14Oct2004
it's a holiday in covodea! - 12Oct2004
you know - 08Oct2004
a lack of creativity - 06Oct2004
when autumn falls - 03Oct2004
awakened from sleep, asleepened from wake - 26Sep2004
put me out easy, with a brick to the head - 24Sep2004
hindsight is always 20/20, but looking back, it's still a bit fuzzy... - 23Sep2004
vabeeachay - 22Sep2004
this bears repeating - 20Sep2004
cute mason - 15Sep2004
here's to small magical moments - 13Sep2004
two weeks - 12Sep2004
mason the malamute, and grodan the toad - 06Sep2004
i tried - 03Sep2004
snifflupagus - 02Sep2004
for millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. then something happened that unleashed the power of our imagination: we learned to talk - 31Aug2004
broken up - 29Aug2004
mcconnell's mill - 16Aug2004
prime time in my mind - 12Aug2004
know thyself - 15Jul2004
- - 07Jul2004
why don't you google this?! - 29Jun2004
if you're a fan of wayne's world... - 24Jun2004
a mix-match parade - 23Jun2004
something pretty to look at - 18Jun2004
better - 17Jun2004
you know you're right - 15Jun2004
flowers, geese, and the golden ratio - 10Jun2004
over the rainbow - 03June2004
butterflies! - 31May2004
my hand smells like jeff goldblum - 28May2004
abandoned - 28May2004
the hike! - 25May2004
ramblings - 06May2004
gathered pixels from the past few days - 04May2004
just the pictures for now, text to follow when my brain works right - 02May2004
a short description of this entry for the "older links" page wherein, nothing ultimately happens - 02May2004
the hoorayness that is spring - 22Apr2004
angiospermae, how i love thee! - 18Apr2004
more to come, i promise - 18Apr2004
for whom this may apply to - 11Apr2004
even a rainy day can end with sunshine - 08Apr2004
this is no surprise - 06Apr2004
bust my bloomers - 03Apr2004
if only it were true... - 01Apr2004
oh, you can't help that, we're all mad here - 01Apr2004
every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end... - 30Mar2004
sunset provision, part two - 28Mar2004
who the, when the, where the, why the, what the?! - 24Mar2004
i'm just trying to do my thing, maintain my existence - 20Mar2004
in case you've been comatose for the past 4 years - 17Mar2004
have you seen what they do to valuable natural resources? - 17Mar2004
eye see you - 14Mar2004
the sun still shines in my heart - 14Mar2004
adding a dimension (with pictures!) - 13Mar2004
a few more - 13Mar2004
harbinger of spring - 10Mar2004
we wave the flag of freedom as we conquer and invade - 10Mar2004
sunset provision - 07Mar2004
five five-minute doodles - 05Mar2004
nature is ancient, but surprises us all - 03Mar2004
if you can believe it - 24Feb2004
site analysis notes - 22Feb2004
a view frop the top - twittering
because you might care - 20Feb2004
winamp sample data #1-3 - 18Feb2004
flowers for valentine's day - 16Feb2004
by Jove, where's Saturn?! - 09Feb2004
and now for something completely different - 07Feb2004
we all gettin' mad, we all gettin' late, looks like somebody forgot about us, standin on a corner waitin for a bus - 05Feb2004
i dont' mind the snow, i just want some sunny days to light it up nicely... - 05Feb2004
i'll betray myself to everyone... - 04Feb2004
states i've been to - 02Feb2004
tonight tonight - 29Jan2004
the src of my problem - 28Jan2004
long time, no squiggles - 27Jan2004
a day of ice and snow - 22Jan2004
7 - 19Jan2004
a thousand hits - 18Jan2004
in case you brought acid... - 18Jan2004
my belly hurts... - 17Jan2004
cat & squiggles, inc. - 15Jan2004
hello me, it's me again. you can subdue, but never tame me. - 14Jan2004
drip drip drip - 14Jan2004
hey whatcha doin? hey where ya goin? hey whatcha doin wit dat cameerraaaa?! - 12Jan2004
heavenly bodies - 10Jan2004
squigglicious - 09Jan2004
more light trails! - 07Jan2004
it actually took many minutes of preparation to do, trust me - 07Jan2004
listen - 03Jan2004
we are who we are - 02Jan2004
nothing to see here - 02Jan2004
"doh! a deer! a female deer!" ~sayeth the simpson family - 26Dec2003
o'er the fields we go, laughing all the way... - xmas2003
d-land rap, version 1ne - 23Dec2003
fun with long exposures - 21Dec2003
the cat's pajamas are in the wash, and so is my santa suit - 20Dec2003
how many times did we say harley to get these pics? - 19Dec2003
playday with harley - 16Dec2003
eli the cat - 13Dec2003
more macro! - 10Dec2003
a new era of macrophotography...for me at least - 9Dec2003
too early, too late, is the week over yet?? - 9Dec2003
from my window - 7Dec2003
burning one down. no, not that kind. - 2Dec2003
that certain something in the air - 1Dec2003
tao te ching, section 11 - 29Nov2003
chilling here in the Cafe of Forever, is there any getting closer? - the ides of november
i'm fighting the cold weather with flowers. is it working?? - 13Nov2003
don't even ask. i don't know either. no really. - 13Nov2003
you'll understand someday - 10.11.2003
textual trivialities - 09.11.2003
wanna taste some more? - 8Nov2003
no punny phrase, just pictures - 07.11.2003
what's all the buzz? - 6Nov2003

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